Mo Moradi

Mo Moradi With over a decade of experience in the automotive industry, Mo is well versed in all aspects of automotive, he has owned and managed, various companies dealing with the repair, servicing, towing, and rentals.

He is acutely adept at transforming average-scale auto start ups into multi-million dollar entities, for example - Luxe Auto Collision saw an enormous increase in revenue under Mr. Moradi’s ownership - expanding the company’s worth from $1M to $7M in just over a year.

Other notable businesses under Mo’s ownership include “Rental on Demand” and “Paramount Towing”
Currently Mr. Moradi is working on maintaining and progressing his existing businesses, as well as expanding his portfolio with several exciting upcoming projects. 


A strategic and forward thinking individual, his knowledge and strengths make his partnership with 8608 Capital Group greatly valued.

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